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Great feedback on the QUEX ED


What a huge value

"Joyce Pellegrini has come up with a stress reduction, anti-aging, and weight loss hypnotherapy session that allowed me to quiet my mind, change bad habits, and improve my overall health with deeper sleep. This and Joyce's QUEX/ED machine is one of the most amazing systems I have come across. I loved the beautiful sound frequencies, background music, guided imagery, and the ability to listen in the comforts of my own home. I highly recommend it. I cannot wait for the Membership Site launch! What a huge value!"

Marie R. Retired Hypnotherapist


"I was blown away by my first experience of the QUEX ED device and the OMNIS software behind it -- beautiful graphics and amazing content, not to mention that I could “feel” results from over 170 miles away. My background is 20 years of software engineering, followed by 26 years of Oriental Medicine, learning acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, nutritional therapies, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, and Essential Oils. I have been fascinated by Quantum physics since the mid 1980’s, realizing that everything in the universe resonates at a different frequency and when our bodies resonate at the correct frequencies, we are in balance and healthy. About 6 years ago, I started working with a Rife technology device after learning about this technology at my college of Oriental Medicine in the late 1990’s. It was amazing, but it was limited in what it could do. And for about 9 years, I have known that my next “mission”, so to speak, would be in the Quantum field. When I came across Joyce Pellegrini and the QUEX ED, I knew I had found what I had been looking for. I am constantly amazed by the technology and the knowledge that went into this device. We have so much stress in our lives and stress is at the root of so many diseases. This system addresses stress in so many different ways. So whether you are looking to help yourself, family or others, you can be sure that you will be able to find the tools to do so with this technology, and you don’t have to be an Acupuncture Physician nor a computer programmer to do so. Lastly, the on-going training by Educator Gage Tarrant and weekly zoom training with Joyce Pellegrini has made all the difference in the world to a quick start in learning a new modality! PRICELESS"

Patricia DG Retired Acupuncturist

The machine is simply genius

"I met Joyce after watching Michael Jaco interview her. I had only recently started to learn about “quantum” technology and had heard some talk of “med beds” etc. along the way in 2021 and early 2022. It was all such a mystery but resonated with me strongly. When I heard Joyce talk about her “machine” and learned of her story and journey, I knew this wild and vibrant woman was just the person I would take that leap with. I made an appointment for myself and my daughter … and that was just the beginning. I can’t recall why, but we needed to reschedule my daughter’s appointment. She was 16 at the time, so I actually liked the idea of going first. I have no regrets. I was amazed by my session and a week later amazed by my daughter’s session. I was completely blown away by the information Joyce gathered and shared about me. So fast and accurate. In just a few minutes, Joyce’s machine “found” conditions and situations that I had tried to convey to health professionals for years. It was all a little foreign to me. But after the two sessions, I knew I had to have a machine. I mostly wanted it for myself, my daughter, family and friends. The idea that I could become a technician myself came much much later. When I decided to actually go for it, there was nothing that could stop me. I am the proud owner of a shiny little QUEX ED. Because I don’t come from a health or caregiving background, I am a little harder on myself than I probably should be. The machine is simply genius, but I often doubt myself. Gage Tarrant has created a vast library of training videos that are always available to view. Gage also offers several weekly live classes where attendees can participate and ask questions in the Chat. On top of that!! Joyce! Joyce offers her real-world experience and has talked me through many a “what the heck!?” moment- always a text or call away. I find our Zoom training sessions with Joyce to be invaluable!"

Danna W

This device has so many features and programs

“I have always gravitated towards alternative healing. Between March and May 2022 my husband went to the ER twice within six weeks with serious health issues like chest pains and the Drs. couldn’t find anything wrong with his heart. In June 2022 we found a practitioner who used the Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) on him and found the root cause. He began a major detox and started taking lots of supplements. August of 2022, I was introduced to the Omnis biofeedback device by Joyce. She ran a distance session on my husband and the device found almost identical issues as the NRT. Two different ways of testing the body and results were so similar. That was the deciding factor for me to purchase the device. I can work on him daily and not have to rely solely on others. This device has so many features and programs that allows you to balance the body's stressors for a wide range of issues. I use it almost daily for family and friends. I’m happy to say my husband is doing a whole lot better! Joyce is a super mentor and has vast knowledge of the device, she is always willing to offer guidance when you need help. The live training classes are awesome! Gage is an exceptional teacher with her background in hypnotherapy. Plus the website has mega hours of video training from the basics to beyond. Any issues with the device programs their Tech Support is superb to keep us up and running. You can’t go wrong…take charge of your life!”

Mary D.